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Runway for Charity!

Charity has always been a part of Fashion, every time you hear a fashion event there sure is a charity part for it. (wether it be announced or not) an example is the famous Met Gala which raises quite a huge amount for the costume museum which features different fashion history.

Last week was the first ever Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and I’m honoured to be part of a Fashion History in Toronto. During the week there was a part of the whole event that was quite special it was the Men’s Fashion 4 Hope part. This was the part where the Men of the City of Toronto (Known men) walk down the runway for charity. Gotstyle also did sponsor the said event and man those men look stunning and dapper. Raising $4000 for SickKids and Kol Hope Foundation it was clearly not all about fashion but also about helping. 

You see, fashion has been looked at with all the stereotypes that comes with it. Expensive, luxury, snob, foolish, useless, and anything more. Personally I don’t even think we need to justify ourselves. you see we live in an industry that helps in a quite way than go shout it all out. But this one is worth talking about. Did I mention Shawn Desman, George Chuvalo, Christopher Bates walked down the runway? :P

Photo’s” Christopher Bates (Facebook Page)

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