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Introducing: Coleman (Model Profile)

Models are always the root of envy, mostly because of their good looks and secondly because of the perks that comes with their job. However, to actually understand models we need to actually try to know them or yet ask them questions. Just like my friend who has blue eyes, brown hair, tall and of course good looking. Couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview one of Elite Toronto’s gorgeous model. Yes, if you have read the title his name is Nick Coleman or Coleman as he is refereed to by his agency. Now, I know you’d like to read my questions and his answers so continue reading below.

Jhake: So Tell me What’s Your Whole Name?

Nick: My Name is Nicholas Coleman, but most people call me Nick Coleman or just Coleman by the agency.

Jhake: How long have you been with Elite Toronto?

Nick: I’ve been with Elite now for two years I’m going on to my third year with them now shortly, and I’m looking forward to it.

Jhake: How do you like modelling?

Nick: I enjoy it quite a bit, I mean you get to do things that normally other people wouldn’t be able to do. Like you get to meet a whole bunch of people, and really get to get your face out there obviously. But you interact and I love meeting new people and fashion is a really fun social scene and it’s always fun being on shoots. 

Jhake: Tell me how were you discovered?

Nick: I was discovered walking down the streets and I had (Dallas) from elite Toronto one of their two scouts approached me and offered me a business card and said will you please call us. I give it a little bit of thought, I was more than happy to give them a call. I went down there (elite Toronto) We talked and had a little bit of a conversation and they ended up giving me a contract… took my contract home, talked to my family about it a little bit and ended up coming back and signing it.

Jhake: Since signing up (Elite), what was your first job as a model?

Nick: My frist paid job was actually for Hakim Optical for their back to cool ad. And it was a lot of fun, met a few other models from elite, and we all had a blast on set and it was a lot of fun. I mean, it’s fun to do our first job for Hakim Optical cause you see them all the time and everywhere, I’d never thought I’d be in an ad. But it’s a lot of fun.

Jhake: So of course modelling involves fashion, and fashion is part of everything and mostly models are the main face of fashion. So how do you keep up with trying to look your best?

Nick: Trying to keep up with fashion, I’m always looking through online, looking at blogs, watching T.V. (fashion shows), but also talk with my agency, talk to other models, and see what they’re doing, see where the industry is more pointing towards. Who’s getting hired for what sort of jobs. And you just kinda keep in tone with everybody, checking in on what everyone in the industry to keep a step ahead. Always be fashionable and always try to take care of my body, try to eat right, working out properly. and you just always keep in contact with friends, or stylists, or creative directors and designers and see what they’re wearing, what they think I should be wearing.

Jhake: What kind of dresser are you?

Nick: Well, when I’m not in front of everybody I’m usually in my sweatpants, in my sweater. But when I’m going out to places, I like to stay a little bit more trendy, I’m not afraid to take a little risk when it comes to what I wear. Like bright colours are fine… i love dressing up in colour, I’m not normally in black and white. I like (a bit hipster-ish) but a bit more classy than that. 

Jhake: What was your first runway job?

Nick: My first runway job was with Christopher Bates, in the Modern Man Fashion Week, which was last year. That was a lot of fun, Chris is a great guy. I was happy that Elite Toronto hooked me up with him, made sure I got booked for a show. And yeah it was a lot of fun, the elite guys were there, we all walked with each other and it was quite the experience to be walking for the first time with all the lights and camera’s going off, it’s pretty unreal. I never think that I’d be doing something like this to actually being there.

Jhake: What other jobs have you been doing since doing the modern man fashion week?

Nick: A lot of editorial, my last job was for Men’s Fashion Magazine, doing a story about sweaters and dogs with them. That was a lot of fun because my own dogs were actually in the shoot, and they actually came to my house, so they organized the entire shoot in my house. Which was quite interesting, done a little bit of that. I shot a lot with Barrington Orr, who’s a great creative designer. I’ve done a lot of Harlequin Romance novel covers, which I always find a little creepy because I know my moms friends read them and when you’re in the cover you kinda hesitate a little bit but it’s a fun job to do. So those are my three most recent shoots.

Jhake: How’s your preparation for MasterCard Fashion Week (Toronto Fashion Week)?

Nick: The Castings are starting up and I’m looking forward to it. I just posted my New walking video (it’s on instagram, go follow him @nickcoleman14) this morning for it (Fashion Week) I’m looking forward for it. I can’t wait to be there, and be walking in the shows, and getting to see all the new designers and of course the classic designers. It’ll be a lot of fun I think. It’s going to be a little different than the other fashion weeks, because I think there’s going to be a lot of younger crowd coming now, and it will be interesting to see what happens though. It’s gonna be great though either way.

Jhake: What are your preparations for Toronto Fashion Week?

Nick: I make sure my walk and everything is ready, making sure my skin looks good, making sure my body looks good. Making sure I contact all my old friends in the fashion industry, see who’s going see who’s going to be there, Who’s walking… basically trying to get the inside scoops of everything so in that way I have an Idea of what i’m walking into, make sure I look good, and I come prepared. 

Jhake: Where do you see your modelling career 5 years from now?

Nick: 5 years from now, I’d like to be in New York or somewhere overseas something like that. I’m talking with people, and trying to get in contact with people and see if we can build up relationships and who knows maybe I’ll be there in 5 years maybe it’ll take me a little longer but that’s where my goal is and I always try to reach my goal.

Jhake: In our job (in fashion) we get criticized by a lot of people and sometimes get stereotyped specially models. Are there some stereotypes that you might want to address? 

Nick: I’m a Big sports/athletic fan. and of course the boys in my team… they’ve all made jokes about modelling and whatever, and it’s not something everyone can do of course, but at the same time we’re only doing a job just like how everyone else is doing a job. Not everyone can be a firefighter, not everyone can be a brain surgeon… we’re just doing something that we can do. Models are just regular people doing regular job, we all have lives going on outside of it. If you actually get to know all the models, like know who they are, what they do… they’re not just all pretty faces and bright eyes. most of the people I work with are taking really hard programs. Like I’m taking architectural technology I have buddies who take other architectural programs, I know people in doing doctorate degrees and science and mathematical backgrounds and all of those people are really smart. People just sometimes don’t understand that just like anyone else, where just regular people we just happen to be doing a different job than they are. This is the industry we’re in and we do our best to work hard to please the public just like everybody else. 







Witty and Intellectual, however, sorry models he doesn’t have a particular crush on anybody. Goal achiever and good looks, that’s Nick Coleman, with quite an impressive resume already built he sure has the charm and charisma. I confidently will say he is a rising star, who will be conquering not just the magazines but also the runways.

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Follow Him: Instagram: nickcoleman14

*Pictures are credited to the respected magazines/blogs and model.

It’s has been another long time since my last blog post. And yes, it might be true that I have failed to come up with a good article or post to write. However since fashion weeks started and since my last post about a gorgeous bowtie designer you’ll expect good ones coming up your way soon. An example is my interview with the rising model @nickcoleman14 and Toronto Fashion Week that’s quickly approaching. Aside from that some other mini posts coming your way. So enjoy this @lushcosmetics picture for the meantime. #lush #bathbombs #interview #product #torontofashionweek

It’s has been another long time since my last blog post. And yes, it might be true that I have failed to come up with a good article or post to write. However since fashion weeks started and since my last post about a gorgeous bowtie designer you’ll expect good ones coming up your way soon. An example is my interview with the rising model @nickcoleman14 and Toronto Fashion Week that’s quickly approaching. Aside from that some other mini posts coming your way. So enjoy this @lushcosmetics picture for the meantime. #lush #bathbombs #interview #product #torontofashionweek

2 of the most fashionable girls I know. #fashion #shoes #girls btw, they’re also my unconventional models. #fashionblogger #fashionaccordingtojhake

2 of the most fashionable girls I know. #fashion #shoes #girls btw, they’re also my unconventional models. #fashionblogger #fashionaccordingtojhake

The Art of BowTies: Just Sultan!

Bowties to me are the avant garde version of neck ties. They come in different designs and are certainly cool when you know how to tie ‘em. During Toronto Men’s Fashion Week I happen to stumble on a new discovery, I met a designer who designed the most beautiful and glamorous bowties. The brand does not just sport bowties but also does have gorgeous lapels and pocket squares. Plus the attention to details not just on the product themselves but also on the packaging. A week after Men’s Fashion Week I had an exclusive interview with the designer himself.

J: First of all, when did the whole company started?

Sultan: Officially around 35 weeks ago. (since my interview) But it has been at the back of my mind for almost a year.

J: Why the bowtie?

Sultan: If you knew me from before you would know that I always love bowties. It was something that I like a lot and other accessories in general. So, I’ve always just love to accessorize. Bracelets, pocket squares, bowties, sunglasses that kind of thing.

J: Where do you get inspiration for your designs? because you’re not the typical plain bowtie, you have prints, different fabrics, textures.

Sultan: I feel like I’m just inspired by everything around me, and I’m always looking for more colour and something more whimsical like, i’ve always been interested in things that pop in terms of colour. I’ve also been inspired by paintings and traveling. Different things, and I travelled a lot so I just remember things that i like, and see how I can incorporate them. Another inspiration is (ofcourse, ) I’m Indian, a lot of our cultural clothings and textiles are very colourful and whimsical as well, so I try to bring a pice of that and aesthetic back to my brand.

J: You put a lot of effort not just on the design of your products but also on your packaging, why is that?

Sultan: I think it’s important for job recognition. But also more importantly is because I’m putting myself in the shoes of the costumer, if I were to buy something and spend x amount of dollars wether it be $5 dollars or $20 a little extra thing that the brand does it makes a big difference to know that the smaller attention to detail the costumer appreciated that. 

J: Where do you get your fabrics?

Sultan: Mainly locally but from india as well.

J: What’s your price range?

Sultan: I feel that for the product that you are getting it’s a very moderate price. The bowties are usually $75 but the samples go for $50, Lapel pins will be anywhere from $10-$35, and pockets squares are anywhere from $20-$50.

J: If you were to create a collection with just one fabric, what fabric would it be?

Sultan: Indian Silk Brocade, I just think it’s a phenomenal fabric so many different designs and patterns, and also with the silk brocade it’s woven so there’s a lot of different ways, that’s why if I only use that fabric there’s so much diversity.

J: Is there any designer you would want to collaborate with?

Sultan: Definitely, I don’t have someone in particular right now, but it would be nice to collaborate with a designer who shares the same aesthetics as me.

Overall, Sultan’s creativity surely has given him the right buzz in the business. With beautiful prints and textures incorporated to every design just to have one of his bowties is surely a statement piece and also a collectors item. So why settle for that boring old tie when you can have a JustSultan Bowtie?!!!!

*JustSultan is available at or at Lavish&Squalor.

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